Wir freuen uns sehr über Ihr Interesse an Forró Aachen und unserem neuen Internetauftritt.

Forró Aachen ist ein lebendiger und aktiver Tanzverein in Aachen. Wir bieten unseren Mitgliedern ein breit gefächertes Tanzangebot für Jung und Alt. Hierbei stehen neben Tanzen auch Spaß und Geselligkeit im Mittelpunkt.

Mit unserem Internetauftritt wollen wir sowohl unseren Mitgliedern, als auch allen Interessierten eine weitere Möglichkeit bieten, sich ausführlich über Forró Aachen und unsere Aktivitäten zu informieren. Klicken Sie sich einfach durch unsere Seiten und erhalten Sie einen Überblick über Samba de Gafieira, Zouk & Forró.



Thanks! Obrigado! Vielen Dank!

Queridos e queridas participantes of the V. Forró Aachen Tanzfestival 2014,


Finally I have time now and can write this acknowledgment to all participants, volunteers, teachers and musicians who contributed with lots of positive energy and love for the great success of this event. It was so beatiful...


Yes, it was so perfectly wonderful to see about 400 forrozeiras & forrozeiros and lovers of this beautiful culture in Aachen during this festival. So many people from different parts of the world were speaking one language, or better saying, dancing forró. A dance that grows more and more with the time in Europe and worldwide.


The feeling of satisfaction and happiness, through this great event is indescribable and difficult to express in such simple sentences. All we can say directly from the heart is obrigado, big thanks to all of you participant who make it all possible. I love you all!


Extremely many thanks from the heart to all of this year's great dance teachers Forró Aachen Festival; Terra - Forró de Domingo (Stuttgart/São Paulo), Juliana Braga - Forró Amsterdam (Amsterdam), Pablo Dias - Forró Lisboa (Lisboa/Belo Horizonte), Carlos Frevo - Forró Berlin (Berlin/Pernambuco), Dhiego & Janina - Forró Daki (Manheimm/Brasilia), Sarah Pallares (Barcelona/Rio de Janeiro), Carlos André - Forró London (São Paulo/London), Rudolfo & Veronica - Forró de Colônia (Köln/Pernambuco), Bruno Prado & Bianca (Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo) & Henrique Santos, Matheus Teixeira and your dance partner Iara Nogueira from Escola Pé Descalço (Belo Horizonte). To all teachers - you were and will always be the stars of the festival.


Big thanks Cláudio Rabeca and Band, "Forró de KA" from Karlsruhe, Luso Baião from Lisbon for the breathtaking shows on friday and saturday!


Greatest special thanks to all Festival volunteers and organization team; 
Christian (Curupira), Pauline, Bettina, Gunda, Veronika (flor), Frederike, Martha, Vera, Johanna, Yuxi, Niklas (Sabugosa) and Stefan Liebich for the fine pictures, Mariam for the nice flyers and design, Benjamin, Myriam for the zorró capes, Rahul Pandey, Gaurav, Bimba, Andrés, Magdo, Mércia and Luciana Molina for the good foods, Valentina, Charlotte Wie and Markus for technical assistance. You are the best festival team of the world .

Thanks Capoeira Aachen e.V - graduado Lagosta and Canguru for the dance room support for this event. 

Thanks to all the party locations - Besitos, the wonderful stadium Tivoli and Apollo for their Parties support. Thanks to Sportschule Aachen - Reinhard to support our participants with accommodation during the the festival.


This year we had guests from all over the world again! Many thanks to all participants from Aachen, Munich, Berlin, Freiburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, St. Petersburg, Moskow, Paris, Lilie, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Tokio, London, Rom, Brussels, Lisbon and Barcelona. You are the best forrozeiros ever!


We apologize to some participants by a few failures or discomfort during our event. For this reason we are looking forward to get your feedback. Our greatest festival goal is to do it better every year.


Our goal has been reached... the V. forró Aachen festival 2014 was magical!

And now we are starting the preparation for the next big one Forró Aachen Festival from 12th - 15th of November 2015. We will do all that is necessary for a "Forró deluxe experience" - again.


I see you next year in Aix-La-Chapelle | Aken | Aachen - Germany !


With love
Your forró Aachen festival team 2014


Junio Reis - Forró Aachen

Copyright © 2014
Pictures taken by 

Niklas Möller

Stefan Liebich


For more pictures visit us on facebook
Forró Aachen 

Finde hier Deine
Forró Lieblingslieder!


Im Aufbau!


Forró, Samba de Gafieira
& Zouk Tanzabend
(alle Angabe ohne Gewähr) 


14.06 Forró @ Apollo

Ab 20:00 Schnupperkurs Pontstraße 141, Aachen


20.06 Forró na Fonte

Tanz Open Air am 

Elisenbrunnen Aachen

Ab 18:00 Uhr


28.06 Forró @ Apollo

Ab 20:00 Schnupperkurs Pontstraße 141, Aachen


18.07 Forró Bootcamp 

Ab 10:00 Uhr Workshops



Gibt es noch mehr Aktion in der Umgebung, die wir nichts davon wissen? Dann lass uns bitte erfahren.

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